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Time, and my lack of it...

I’ve said on numerous occasions that I never have enough time.

It’s true for me every day.

I struggle to prioritize my life and still make time for fun. It isn’t always easy. I find myself immersed in guilt when I do something for myself, and am compelled to multitask—even if it’s doing two things I enjoy at once, like working out and reading a book. I can’t just do one thing at a time.



I’m writing this blog post on one screen, and flipping back and forth between it and the kissing scene I’m writing on the other screen. They’re both for me because they both have to do with writing, but it’s still not just one thing or another. It’s both.

I take a notebook and my phone with me in the bathtub so I can write or budget or balance my checkbook and check email while I soak.

I have my laptop with me while I sit on the couch with my family so I can pay bills or plan my menu for the week while watching a movie.

When I cook dinner, I’m usually also planning my lunch for the next day.

*flips to kissing scene and back*

You get the point.

What steps do you take to get the most out of your 24-hour day?

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