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How much is too much?

I’m trying so hard to figure out how to promote my books without my friends thinking I’m trying to ram them down their throats.

I mean, I am extraordinarily proud of my accomplishments. And authors want to sell books, right? That’s one of the main reasons we publish them.

So why do I feel so passive-aggressive when I’m mentioning anything about it?

Hey! I wrote a book! It’s being published. That doesn’t mean you have to buy it, but if you would that’d be so great! And if you could share the news with people, well, that would just be awesome! Oh, and hey, if you do read it and think you might maybe may like to leave a review, well, that would just be fantastic! You don’t have to, but just…if the mood strikes you.

I guess I could be totally passive, and then nobody would know I even wrote a book.

Or I could be totally aggressive.

I guess I’d just like to know how much is too much. I know my friends are happy for me, but I wonder if they get to a point where they’re like, “Geez, Kim. We get it. You wrote a book. It’s been three years, now. Get over yourself.”

By the way, if you do ever get to that point, if you could let me know, that’d be swell.

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